Abdominal Pain

Low Abdominal Pain is also being experienced in lower portion of stomach region. Low Abdominal Pain is may possibly be associated with numerous organs like spleen, aorta, kidneys, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder and also pancreas. There are so several reasons for Low Abdominal Pain like chronic constipation, bowel obstruction, diverticular disorder, apendicities, kidney stone, hernia, pancreatitis and ulcers. This Low Abdominal Pain might be occur in a variety of portion of abdomen. Low Abdominal Pain is known to us as pelvic pain

Experience of this sort of pain can create discomfort scenario and it really is also take place inside the lower abdomen region. Lower abdomen pain is also happen in several conditions for example irritable bowel syndrome, lymphoma, sickle cell disease and menstrual pain. This pain might be chronic and acute. Acute pelvic pain occurred suddenly and last for a short period of time. The acute pelvic pain is caused by appendicitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and kidney stones. Chronic pelvic pain is so irritating pain and is last for longer period

Chronic pain is really a caused by dysmenorrheal, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and adenomyosis. The Low Abdominal Pain could be felt in the left abdomen, proper abdomen or in center abdomen

Lower proper abdomen pain is also occurred in the correct website of ambilicus and it may possibly spread over the whole abdomen. This type of pain is occur due to bowel cancer, appendicitis, constipation, crohn’s disease, hernia, diverticulitis, lymphoma, kidney stones, intussesception, psoas abscess, ulcerative colitis, pyelonephritis and sickle cell disease. Many women suffer with appropriate abdominal pain due to ectopic pregnancy, pelvic imflammatory disease, endometriosis, twisted ovarian cyst and ruptured ovarian cyst

Many children has lower abdominal pain, mainly it’s happen as a result of Mesenteric lymphadenitis. Lower left abdominal pain is occurred mainly in left side of umbilicus. Mainly lower abdominal pain is associated with left ureter, lower pole of left kidney, part of urinary bladder, component of descending huge bowl, nerves, and muscles of lower abdomen. In women mainly lower left abdominal pain is associated with fallopian tube and left ovary. Typically lower left abdominal pain is occurred because of various factors of health condition like abdominal aoritic aneurysm, bowel obstruction, bowel cancer, constipation, crohn’s disease, hernia, food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cysts, kidney infection, sigmoid volvulus and colon volvulus and 1 of the common trigger of trapped wind n stomach. Due to large number causes of Low Abdominal Pain there are out there different diagnosis method to detect actual cause.

Ovarian Cysts Symptoms That Cannot Be Neglected

To begin with, ovarian cysts do not provide any direct symptom through which one may diagnose the disease condition. Say, for example, a stomach infection will manifest itself with abdominal pain and loose motion or a gastrointestinal acid reflux will produce severe heartburn. But a woman having ovarian cysts will develop no such express symptoms to indicate that her ovaries are affected by cysts. Routine abdominal exam or an ultrasound exam, performed for some other ailment may help detect cysts in the ovary. However, there are plenty of latent symptoms that often point towards affirmative ovarian cysts.

Some prominent symptoms of ovarian cyst

Some of the outstanding symptoms are pain in the abdomen or in the lower pelvic region – this pain is abrupt, beginning and ending all of a sudden, and this can also be severe, sudden and sharp, irregular and untimely menstrual periods; a feeling of fullness in the lower pelvic region and abdominal area. Ovarian cysts symptoms also comprise of pain for a long time around her pelvic girdle during menstrual period (usually felt at the lower back); pelvis pain after having sex or straining such as in exercise; pain or pressure while passing bowel; a feeling of nausea or vomiting tendency; vaginal uneasiness or blood spots in the vagina; painful sexual union, tenderness in the breast, problems in passing urine; frequent urination due to cystic pressure on the bladder and weight gain.

It may however, be kept in mind those symptoms of ovarian cysts that have been mentioned here are actually generic. They can be also present due to some other disease such as pelvic inflammatory ailments, endometriosis and ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms relating to more complex cases

In some cases the ovarian cyst can take a turn for the worse and in such cases the symptoms can also be different such as light-headedness or dizziness, abdominal pain that cannot be accounted for, fever, shortness in breathing or rapid breathing, general debility or exhaustion. If any or a few of such problems are present in the person for long, it may be time to see a specialist or getting the matter diagnosed through ultrasound or laparoscopy.


If the size of the cyst is quite large, then it may cause discomfort in the abdomen. For example, it will end up pressing the bladder and as a result, the person will need to urinate often as the ability of the bladder to hold urine becomes restricted. In some cases however the symptoms may not be there – particularly when the cyst is of an uncommon kind. But even if that is the case, the doctor should be able to find it out with a simple inspection of the pelvic region. Some people get cysts after menopause – this might mean cancerous – so take note. Thus, it is a good idea to get a pelvic inspection regularly. And do watch out for these symptoms.

Here’s some caution

Understanding the symptoms is fine – but do not depend solely on them. Because as mentioned above, in some cases, there may not be any symptoms at all. Often the symptoms get misdiagnosed too as something else, such as ovarian cancer, inflammatory pelvic disease, ectopic pregnancy or even endometriosis. Appendicitis and diverticulitis can also show similar symptoms. But this does not mean that you should not be in the lookout for the symptoms of ovarian cyst as this is fairly common among females. Understanding the symptoms is the first step in diagnosing the condition and also understanding how serious it is. If there is associated fever, a sudden abnormal pain in the pelvic region or vomiting, then it can be a serious case.

Holistic approach and ovarian cysts symptoms

Holistic remedies have become quite popular in recent years, and this is the case for many diseases. Ovarian cysts can also be treated using holistic remedies. But such remedies are nothing new as holism has been a concept that has been around for centuries. Its only recently however that holistic remedies have found a place in mainstream medical science. This approach is indeed very effective in ovarian cysts – but it also allows a person to become healthy mentally, physically and helps her attain peace too. The holistic system is not merely a way of treatment – it is an approach of treatment and its application. So with an early diagnosis, ovarian cysts can be wonderfully cured with this approach.

‘Healthy Mind in a Healthy body’ – this is the approach of holistic remedies. This approach prevents occurring of ovarian cysts in keeping the person healthy in both body and mind. Contemporary medical science has admitted the significance of strong mental force in curing difficult disease conditions, appreciating the influence of yoga and holistic approach in treating such cases. In fact, holistic approach can help prevent the occurrence of the ovarian cyst, and in case they appear, then they can be cured. Often the holistic approach’s first step is to regulate the diet. A balanced and wholesome diet is very important here to maintain good health because it enhances the power of resistance in the person. A balance diet according to holistic remedies includes proteins, fruits, leafy vegetables and minerals. All those foods that is rich in fat need to be avoided. It is also best to avoid excess carbohydrates. Ovarian cysts cannot cause problems if the body and the surroundings are cleaned and maintained.

Be Cancer Free – Practice All Natural Methods

Because of the population explosion happening for several generations, a lot of experts have conducted public awareness of the negative effects of not having a family planning method. They have shown couples the goodness of having a perfect plan of their family size as opposed to having an unpredictable large sized family. Experts have shown the public several artificial family planning methods to choose from. One of the most popular ones is the use of contraceptive pills.

Contraceptive pills have been put to the test and results have shown that women taking in pills everyday have slightly higher chances of acquiring cancer as compared to those who are not practicing artificial family planning methods. The cancer forms that might surface after continuous pill popping include breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and womb cancer. These types of cancers are known as women cancers because most of them can only affect women.

Even if this is the case, pills have also been known to eradicate other cancer forms from developing. The greatest thing about this is that once you stop taking contraceptive pills, the risk of developing cancer decreases significantly.

If you have been one of those women who are taking in contraceptive pills, why dont you consider natural family planning methods instead? Natural family planning methods have several options for you which include the calendar method, cervical mucus, Basal Body Temperature or BBT, Sympto-Thermal, and standard days method. These natural family planning methods are safe and effective, as well as cancer free.

Some women may think of Natural Family Planning Methods as an extra work for them since they have to check their ovulation period on their own. It might seem to be like that at first but after you get the hang of it, you wont feel the pressure of using these natural methods. How badly do you want to be cancer free for life? Planning your family naturally decreases your chances of developing cancer, youve got nothing to loose.

How to Exercise Good Dental Care For Teenagers

It’s a universal truth that raising teenagers is hard; fortunately, practicing good dental care for teenagers isn’t nearly as proverbial difficult. The best way for a teenager to keep healthy teeth is simply by continuing good habits developed in early childhood. This includes brushing two times per day with an ADA approved toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. This will help to prevent plaque from building up. Remove plaque from between teeth and beneath the gum line by flossing every day. These guidelines apply to teenagers whether they have braces or not. It’s also important to make regular visits to a certified dentist for check ups and cleanings.

The number one cause of gum disease and tooth decay is plaque. If allowed to build up, plaque will harden into a hard, yellow tartar that is unsightly and not good for your teeth. By simply removing plaque daily, teenagers can direct themselves away from this fate. Most teenagers will find that avoiding yellow tartar is viable incentive to brush their teeth.

So what does having good oral hygiene really mean? Good oral hygiene means that your mouth looks, smells, and feels healthy. This includes teeth that are clean, a mouth that is free of debris, gums that are pink, and an absence of pain or blood when brushing and flossing. Teenagers experiencing problems with any of these indicators should see a dentist to prevent lasting damage to gums and teeth.

Practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine is an exceptionally worthy investment, especially for a teenager. It keeps teeth alive and functional so that you can speak and eat properly. Having a hygienically well mouth also feels and looks good. It will prevent bad breath and keep teeth white and sparkly.

Keeping up with good hygiene habits is the very best way to keep a mouth healthy, clean, functional, and lasting. This includes daily preventive care, which is your basic brushing and flossing. The key to preventive care is stopping the problems before they become both painful and expensive. It’s also important have a well balanced diet and limit snacks, as well as rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash.

Teenagers can do bounds more to help keep their teeth alive and well besides proper brushing and flossing. Knowing what your own oral needs are is a key point. There are numerous factors that will change the personal needs of each individual teenager’s mouth. It depends on what a teenager eats on a regular basis, what type and amount of saliva he or she produces, his or her health, daily habits, and effectiveness and regularity of his or her hygiene routine.

There are some things teenagers can avoid to benefit their dental health. Sugary snacks are bad because they get stuck in and around teeth, especially sticky sweets like caramels. This provides fuel for bacteria, which is what plaque is made of. The acid that plaque produces will break down enamel at a tooth’s surface and may form a cavity. Chewing a sugarless gum or brushing your teeth after enjoying some sugary treats is a good way to avoid cavities. Using tobacco, smokeless or not, can cause things like gingivitis, oral cancer, and tooth decay. It also gives you bad breath and leaves stains on your teeth.

Changes in a teenager’s own mouth are much easier for him or her to notice than for the dentist to notice. While a dentist only reviews your mouth a few times per year, you have the opportunity to look inside of your mouth every day. Performing regular self-examinations will help teenagers stay aware of developing problems. Some concerning changes to look for include chipped teeth, discolored teeth, and lesions or sores in the cheek, tongue, or gums.

10 super food that can help you with prostate cancer

In North America one in sixth men has been suffering from prostate cancer. More than 30 million men are suffering from this disease which has affected their life style negatively. It is very slow cancer common in men. In early stage it doesn’t give any symptoms but as this disease grows with time there can be symptoms like pain in lower back, thigh and blood in urine etc.

Prostate cancer if you diagnose it in early stage then it can be cured completely. There are various studies which show that your diet can help you to get rid of this disease. Scientist has found super odd which can help you with prostate cancer. Mainly there are 10 super foods which can help to combat this disease.

Finding suggest form a conference held in Chicago that man who took capsule contain green tea, pomegranate, tea , broccoli and turmeric had 63 % lower prostate-specific antigen that those who had not taken any capsule.

Foods which are rich in polyphenols such as pomegranate, green tea, turmeric and broccoli has cancer fighting agents. Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, kale etc also have same agents of phytonutrients sulforaphane and the indoles. Brazil nuts high in selenium, zinc and Cayenne also know as chili pepper reduces the growth of cancer erous cells. If we talk about green tea then this wonder full tea has no comparison. It helps in boosting the immune system and destroying the bacteria and viruses that causes cancer. Along with cancer fighting property this tea has unlimited benefits.

Mushrooms which is good source of antioxidants has also anti cancer agents. Pumpkin seed and salmon rich in omega 3 fatty acid reduce the growth of cancer cells. Another super food is tomato which has highest lycopeme is best for prostate health.

Health eating and lifestyle is main think which can help to combat this disease. There are some other precautions that you need to keep in mind

* Eat lots of fruits and vegetables vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, minerals and natural fiber like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage, Pomegranates, Grapes Avocados Apples Berries
* Say no to red meat because it contains high saturated animal facts which directly link to cancer.
* Drink plenty of water as it not only helps to combat prostate cancer but will solve your lots of health problems
* Avoid spicy foods as well as alcohol, caffeine. These affect urinary tract and risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer.
* Eat Soy products can help to prevent prostate enlargement and may slow tumors growth.
* Exercise helps to fight the disease as obesity is tied to prostate cancer aggressiveness and regular exercise promotes good prostate health and well being.

Different reasons for which one should go for cord blood banking

Is this the question pondering in your mind because soon you are going to become a mother? My doctor also suggested me for the same during my pregnancy? But I didn’t find it necessary. I realized its importance later on as I was not aware that cord blood Stem Cell Potential is so high that it can cure more than 80 different deadly diseases like cancer, blood related disorders, spinal cord related injuries etc. I lost the lifetime opportunity please you don’t miss it.

Motherhood is wonderful stage of your life and the moment you start feeling your baby within your womb you get filled with love and compassion. You are sure that your baby is well protected in your womb and now with Cord Blood Banking you can give same protection to your child after delivery that too for lifetime. Research has shown that one out of two hundred people need Stem Cell Treatment in their life time. It may not seem a lot but with every child birth there is a possibility that it could be your child who might need stem cell treatment in its lifetime. As parents it is our commitment to help our children to provide whatever best we can which will help them for their entire life.

Thousands of parents around the world are saving their child’s cord blood as it contains stem cells which have an amazing ability to differentiate in to different types of cells and tissues. Stem cell is the building blocks of the blood and immune system. Because of this property of stem cells they are being used to cure many blood related diseases, cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, spinal cord injury, and many more. This is known as stem cell treatment. It is still in its infant stage and there are many researches going on to know the vastness of stem cell potential for the treatment of many other diseases.

Stem cells can also be derived from bone marrow but they are very mature cells and increase the chances of graft versus host disease, whereas stem cells in cord blood are immature and haven’t yet learned how to attack foreign substances. Similarly, the body doesn’t recognize these “primitive” cells as foreign cells. As a result, patients who receive stem cells from cord blood are less likely to reject the stem cell transplant.

Cord blood stem cells can only be collected at the time of birth of baby, it is a simple and hassle free process and doesn’t harm baby and mother in any ways. It is completely a painless process. After the collection the cord blood is carefully processed and preserved by the cryo banks or cord blood banks under very low temperatures until it is required for the treatment. With your decision of banking your child’s cord blood with right cord blood bank you can also Protect Your Child for lifetime.

Ultrasound to Detect Breast Cancer

Girls having a family member’s history of breast cancer are advised to undergo normal screening so that if they develop the disease it might be detected in the earlier stages itself and there’s a very good opportunity for total remedy. For all those who had their blood relatives create the cancer in their thirties, the threat is especially high. If your mother, grandmother or aunts developed breast cancer although nonetheless in their thirties you fit the profile of extremely high danger and frequent screening is advised.

In case you are at threat for developing breast cancer, get a breast ultrasound completed as well as the routine mammogram. Women at high threat for developing the dreaded disease frequently think about mastectomy as a preventative alternative. The ultrasound approach of detecting breast cancer may well be useful for this group of ladies by providing a stronger indicates of detection of breast cancer at the earliest stages of creating the disease.

Mammograms are ideal suited to detect the cancer cells when the breast tissue is fatty. The achievement rate of cancer cell detection is as high as 98% when the breast tissue is fatty. But in ladies who’ve dense breast tissue, the cancer cells can hide inside and be camouflaged by the density. The question that researchers happen to be trying to answer is what is often completed to enhance the chances of detection of breast cancer cells in dense breast tissue. A breast ultrasound appears to be the answer.

Females who have menopause or are approaching menopause have dense breast tissue being replaced by fatty tissue. Mammograms can detect tumours in these females even before they grow to be massive enough to be felt. But in younger women with denser breast tissue, ultrasound may be the technology that proves highly valuable in identifying tissue abnormalities.

Research conducted on mammograms and ultrasounds discovered that in females with dense breasts, a mammogram detected about 48% of really tiny tumours. But when the mammogram was combined with a breast ultrasound, almost 94% in the tumours were detected. The breast ultrasound can be a fantastic tool to add for the arsenal of breast cancer screening tactics particularly for girls who present a high risk for developing the illness.

The medical analysis community is constantly operating on acquiring a cure for the dreaded illness named cancer. The much more we study about it the additional we fully grasp plus the additional we discover strategies of predicting cancer at the earliest stages itself, using the substantial strides that are produced each and every year, the day that we conquer the disease and attain the technology to fully cure it is not too far ahead.

Explore Some Cervical Cancer Treatment Options

Like various other organs in the body, the cervix can develop cancer. Unlike the others, it is the second-most prone to develop them, next to breast cancer. Cervical cancer doesn’t thrive quickly. In fact, it can spread very slowly that the individual doesn’t even know it is there until they go for a screening or a physical exam. Inasmuch this is very prone to females, it is serious that we talk about different cervical cancer treatment options.

The most recognized way the medical association treats cervical cancer is through hysterectomy. It is the surgical method to take out the uterus. If the cancer is already in the advanced stages, removal of the lymph nodes may attest to be a need. This kind of treatment is most females awful nightmare as it removes their abilities to give birth.

Fortunately, there are other, several gentle approach to treat cervical cancer, and preserve the maternal capabilities intact. And for those women that wish to stay fertile, there are a few cervical cancer treatment options they may opt to choose.

One of the several established method is the LEEP or loop electrosurgical excision procedure. The benefits include it being on the inexpensive side, a highly successful percentage of treatment, doesn’t need major surgery, and administers only local anesthesia and can be achieved in the doctor’s office.

Another process is the cone biopsy. This surgical procedure consist of eliminating only the cone-shaped fragments from the mucous membrane, and then radiation therapy is administered.

If the cone biopsy doesn’t work firmly, the next step will be to do trachelectomy. This process involves the surgeon aspiring to remove only area that is cancerous while cultivating the integrity of the uterus and the ovaries. Though, this can only be carry out if the cervical cancer hasn’t disperse to the other regions of the uterus. One difficulty with this is that there are only a small number qualified specialists that are expert enough to carry out this complicated and intricate process.

There are also more traditional options:

Radiation Therapy – This is done by administering an external beam to the pelvis. It can even be achieved internally through a method called brachytherapy.

Chemotherapy – This is the practically popular and much widely used process across all kinds of cancer.

The much important thing to remember when looking for effective cervical cancer treatment options is that there is constantly a possibility that the capacity to have children in the future will be at risk.

Avoiding Cancer Of The Lungs

Cancer is the top or second biggest killer in most countries in the world despite the fact that there has been a crack down on smoking. There are not that many countries left in the Western world where there are not some restrictions on smoking. This is hardly surprising actually, we all know what smoke and pollution is doing to the planet’s ozone layer and to the world’s foliage – it’s lungs – so why should it not be doing the same to us? In spades, even?

Cancer is a condition where cells start growing out of control, as most of us already know. The majority of individuals affected are more than forty rears old and it affects women smokers equally as much as men smokers. By tradition, more men smoked than women, but that ratio is altering.

These days, it is more common to see women smoking than men. This is normally because women try to use smoking as a hunger suppressant – in other words an aid to losing weight.

Smoking is the foremost reason for cancer and so it is expected that over the next decades, that there will be a higher percentage of women dying of lung cancer than men for the first time in history.

An off-shoot of smoking is passive smoking, which is the condition in which someone breathes the secondhand smoke of a smoker. This used to take place most often in bars and offices, but smoking there has now been banned, so it is likely that most passive smoking now takes place in the home, which puts children most at danger. There are equivalent experiences to passive smoking from pollutants from vehicles.

The difficulty with lung cancer is that there is no cure. Your body can repair itself if you give it a fair chance, but it does need a fair opportunity. Lots of people have been able to do well with a little lung cancer, but you cannot do well with only a few percent of your lungs.

This is why some of the symptoms of lung cancer are coughing, wheezing, blood in the phlegm that smokers cough up, being out of breath and having chest pains. Heavy smokers who are developing lung cancer are often under weight as well.

Regrettably, chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not have a immense deal of effect on this form of cancer. The most a sufferer can look forward to is a wheezy life in an oxygen tent. And not a long life at that. Drugs can alleviate the pain and ease breathing, but not much more.

Surgery can help, but you just have so much lung capacity and if that is cut away it will not grow back. You can do fairly well with only one lung, but a full and active normal life is a problem. You would require an inhaler to walk any distance.

The other thing is that blood flows through the lungs to pick up oxygen which it distributes to each part of your body. While it is oxygenating this blood it will also pick up cancerous cells and distribute these over your whole body too. It could well be that it is one of these secondary cancers that will kill you.

Simple Ways To Fight The Cancer Monster!

Cancer is a topic that most people avoid because there is really nothing good to be said about it at all. Having it can feel like the literal end of the world, and getting rid of it can be a fight that you’re just not ready for. You can prepare for what it takes to battle this disease by reading these useful facts.

Protect your eyes from the sun! Be sure that the sunglasses that you buy are UV resistant. If you just buy any pair and do not check, the sun may not seem as bright but it is still doing the damage to the skin around your eyes and your eyes themselves.

Decrease the amount of red (such as lamb, pork, and beef) and processed meats in your diet. Studies have shown that red meat can increase your chances of getting cancer. If you do buy red meat, make sure that it is lean meat. You don’t have to remove red meat from your diet, just limit it.

In order to reduce the risk of getting cancer, follow this tip. Stain and grease proofing chemicals, such as the ones found in scotch guard and food packaging, contains many unhealthy carcinogens. These carcinogens are passed to food items when contact is made and enter the body through digestion. They also enter the skin when it touches scotch guarded fabric. Avoid these products at all costs.

“Put yourself in their shoes!” When caring for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer it is important to be understand them! They will need time to adjust to the diagnosis and will go through a series of emotions. They will need you to be supporting and understanding at all times – no matter how they act emotionally!

To prevent cancer, try and eat a balanced diet that is thought to reduce cancer risks, especially colon cancer. This diet includes eating less than four ounces of red meat a day, avoiding processed meats like bologna, eating a variety of non-starchy fruits and vegetables and avoiding excessive amounts of sugar.

Let your loved ones do your housework for you. You need to preserve your energy for your battle against cancer. They are sure to happily take care of all of the housework for you during this time. Do not hesitate to take advantage of anyone’s offer to help you with the things that need done.

Do not isolate yourself from friends and family if you are diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes, people will become depressed and close up if they find out they have cancer. The emotional support from others will give you strength and a renewed energy to fight. You may be able to get useful advice from others who have experienced cancer as well.

Armed with the proper knowledge about any subject, you can rest assured that you’re in a better position to do something about it. Increase your odds of preventing or defeating cancer by using the tips provided to you in the article above. Information is your best tool in this war.