Evil Email

Evil Email originally started offering free email under the
zombieworld name back in early 1998.  We still have many users who have been with us
since the beginning.  We have been under the Evilemail name since Winter of

When we switched names we also expanded our domain list and opened our service to
other site owners for us to host their email.  We currently have over 100 domain
names and 8,000 users.

We originally offered free accounts, those days are over.  Instead we offer
amazingly low priced packages for $10 or $25.  That means for the price of a movie,
you can have the best pop3/web email on the Internet.  For the price of two movie
tickets and the giant tub of popcorn, you can have over 100 domains aliased to that
account.  And if you don’t actually go to the movies and need your
money translated into coffee buying power – for the price of one
specialty drink from Starbucks…

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.  We are always
trying to improve the system for our users.  Please send all emails to “


Chet Faliszek
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