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SomaLife Pak

SomaLife Pak


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SomaLife Pak

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The SomaLife Pak offers three of SomaLife’s outstanding products working together to support optimal cellular aging leading to slowing, stopping or even reversal of many age related changes.

SomaLife scientists had this TriPak in mind when they designed each of its components to offer the finest three point program to optimize your cellular function. The science behind the individual products is laid out in the individual product monographs. These explain how SomaLife gHP supports cell regeneration and repair improving cellular energy and body well being and how SomaLife Super X and SomaVit Plus work together. They scavenge those damaging free radicals that are released during energy production and metabolism in the cell.

SomaLife Super X and SomaVit Plus work as a team to clear reactive oxygen species or free radicals from the system, being able to range freely from the blood stream through the interstitial fluid to the cells. From this, one can see that the TriPak helps to combat both of those factors that contribute to aging, (1) failure of the cell to regenerate and repair and (2) prevention of the damage in the first place by assisting with optimal regeneration and repair through SomaLife gHP and preventing damage in the first place with SomaVit Plus and SomaLife Super X.

These statements have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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