Meet Morgan Rand, San Antonio Trainer for Three Wishes Travelling Natural Horsemanship

Morgan’s love for horses began at a young age, while visiting her aunt 
and uncle in northern California. These horses, 
Chico and Hornet, were not only two of the most beautiful animals she 
had even seen, but also so gentle and patient with her as a small child 
who curiously tugged on their tails. It was through her experiences 
with them that Morgan’s interest in learning about horses started her 
on the journey to working with them as a career.

In 2007, Morgan trained at a local barn in the San Antonio area where 
she learned Natural Horsemanship techniques, and began teaching 
lessons to kids as well as adults. She found that there is nothing 
quite like the bond that can exist between a person and a horse, and 
that through the use of Natural Horsemanship, these bonds grow even 
stronger. It is her passion for both horses and their owners that 
makes her a successful trainer, as she teaches that respect and trust is a 
two way street.

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