About Us

Isomair is a young and rapidly growing company. The company is focussed
on addressing their customers’ needs in the area of enterprise wireless
network security and performance management. Isomair was founded by former
network security managers who understand the challenges facing personnel
in this area.

What We Do

The Isomair Wireless Sentry (IWS) solution provides you with visibility
of your Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure. Understanding your WLAN infrastructure
is fundamental for developing your corporate Risk Management Policy, for
Capacity Planning and for your Service Performance Strategy.

Without doubt WLANs are now being implemented in ever increasing numbers
due to their lower costs, their ease of implementation and the demand
from the user community. However, network and security professionals are
now faced with a host of new problems but are still tasked to manage these
new networks. The traditional tools that they use are ill-suited to the

Isomair have developed a new technology that adds security and visibility
of performance issues to any WLAN, official or unofficial, anywhere in
your organisation. The technology is complementary to VPN and IPSec security
technologies and other “secure” access point solutions.


The Isomair solution has been jointly developed with a leading Global
Financial Institution to meet this institution’s global WLAN security
need. The solution has been deployed and is operating successfully today
across three continents.

The IWS product is a cost effective, tried and tested enterprise-class
security and performance management solution for your WLAN problems.

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