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It’s a fact, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Nothing ruins your look like flaking and scratching caused by dandruff.  This common condition it not fun for anyone.  Let take a look this troublesome problem and at proper dandruff care.

Dandruff occurs when the usual skin renewal process is not working the way that it should.  In a healthy scalp, dead skin cells are shed and replaced with new healthy cells about one per month.   Sometimes cells actually come off before they have died, causing flakes to appear.  A fungus, known as Malassezia, is usually believed to be the culprit.  This fungus is normally found on the scalp in small amount.  But people with dandruff have large amounts of the fungus.

Dandruff not only leads to flaking but also to itching, which is sometimes extreme.  The flakes may be oily looking.  Many people also complain of a sensitive or sore scalp.  In severe cases, flakes may stick together in mounds on the head.

Dandruff is generally a chronic condition.  It can be difficult to get rid of, but proper dandruff care can go a long way.  Some of the most common ways to treat dandruff are selenium suphide, coal tar, tea tree oil, and zinc pca.  Selenium reduces the amount of oil production on the scalp.  Coal tar is a anti fungal agent.    Tea tree oil and zinc pca are great natural ways to care for the scalp and reduce dandruff.  Tea tree oil has bacterial properties and anti fungal properties.  Zinc pca cleans away bacteria and fungus and it also balances the scalp.  A scalp with the proper oil balance is a healthy scalp but improper balance can lead to numerous scalp conditions including scalp sores.  Some shampoos that claim to treat dandruff actually contain chemicals that can make the problem worse.  Dandruff care should start with natural scalp healthy ingredients.  Both zinc pca and tea tree oil are great natural ingredients for the scalp and hair.

Some other sites that sell great dandruff shampoos are as well as other dead sea based hair care products that are made with real dead sea mud and herbal extracts to pull the toxins out of the scalp and hair that can cause massive problems with the skin on your head!

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