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Northlake is participating in the national fundraiser  for CPCs

being sponsored by INTERSTATE BATTERIES and Care-Net.

Many crisis pregnancy centers in the gulf south were adversely affected by hurricanes

Katrina and Rita. We now have an opportunity to help our CPCs by purchasing an item

everyone uses, particularly at this time of year.

INTERSTATE BATTERIES, a great Christian run company is working with Care-Net on

a nationwide fundraiser for CPCs. INTERSTATE has an extensive line of batteries that

can be ordered by using the order form below.

40 percent of the amount of your order will go directly to Northlake CPC.

Your order will be delivered directly to you – it’s that easy.

We thank INTERSTATE BATTERIES and Care-Net for this terrific opportunity.

Care-Net is the national organization that puts women in crisis pregnancy in touch with the

CPC nearest to them. Care-Net’s 1-800-395-HELP number and their website, is available to assist women in need. 24/7/365.